»Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz verändern« e.V.

Unsere Vision ist eine Münchner Konferenz für Friedenspolitik
Our Vision is a Munich Conference for Peace Policy

Who We Are

Our Vision …

… is a “Munich Conference for Peace Policy”. This framework should then be seen as a forum for global and fair cooperation leading to initiatives for a just, non-violent and ecologically feasible global policy.

Our Path …

… is a path of dialogue and non-violence. We provide impulses and seek dialogue with the organizers, funders and participants of the MSC as well as the interested public.

Our Organization:

The project group „Changing the Munich Security Conference“ e.V. is a registered non-profit organization. Its work is supported by interested individuals, mostly members of other local peace-groups.

Our cooperation-partners:

The project group is funded by the “Pax-Christi Munich-Freising”. It also collaborates with the Petra-Kelly-Foundation regarding individual events. Furthermore we cooperate with the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedenspädagogik” (Association for Peace Education) and the “Regionalforum ZFD Südbayern” (“Regional Forum for Civil Peace Service, Southern Bavaria”) and we are also involved in the planning committee of the International Munich Peace-Conference.

Our group as a part of a common goal:

All the various types of activities within Munich’s peace movement – demonstra-tions, Peace-Conference, Peace Prayer, Dialogue – we consider as complementary elements that contribute to a critical look at the current Munich Security Conference.

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